TAKANAWA HANAKOHRO | Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa


A 16-room Japanese-style inn ("ryokan") located inside the Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa

With our Japanese hospitality interwoven with access to nature and valuable culture experiences we will do everything to help each one of our customers have a stay that will remain in their hearts.


The beginning of your stay

We welcome you in as you walk on a narrow path through the Japanese garden while enjoying the scent of rich blossoms of all the four seasons.

Guide for guest services

■ Use of OH-SAI Lounge

■ Use of TAYUTA SPA (admission fee and advance reservation required)

■ Japanese cultural activities (fees apply for some activities)

■ Use of Sauna & Whirlpool Bath (The Prince Sakura Tower Tokyo, B1 / 7:00 A.M.- 11:00P.M.)

■ Use of the Diamond Pool and the Sky Pool (summer only) etc.

Japanese-style rooms

In room, all of which emphasize a traditional Japanese setting, we implement low beds and sofas, so that our foreign guests as well as elderly customers can comfortably relax. The bathrooms nished with soft tones feature separate bathtub and washing areas, so you can take a bath with great comfort.

Japanese-styleroomtypeA(100.8㎡) Room names:"Suisen","Jinchouge"
Soft light spreads from the sliding paper doors. You can feel t he fresh scent and softness of tatami mats. In this traditional Japanese space your mind and s oul will come at ease.
Japanese-styleroomtypeB(59.9-67.2㎡) Room names:"Tsubaki","Sumire","Nobotan","Yamabuki","Yukiyanagi","Yuri"
From these rooms you can have a good view of the Japanese garden which changes its appearance depending on the season.
Japanese-style room type C (62.3㎡) Room names:"Ajisai","Kinmokusei","Kikyo","Kuchinashi"
You can relax and enjoy the ryokan atmosphere.
Japanese-style room type D (50.1㎡) Room names:"Koubai","Kodemari","Sazanka","Shion"
You can relax and enjoy the ryokan atmosphere.

OH-SAI Lounge

This is a private lounge only for guests staying at TAKANAWA HANAKOHRO, so please enjoy your relaxing time here. Various Japanese cultural activities such as "origami", "furoshiki wrapping", "dressing in kimonos (requires participation fee)" and others are available to make your stay full of unforgettable impressions.

Breakfast 7:00A.M. - 10:00A.M. We prepare a traditional Japanese breakfast made of carefully selected ingredients.

Tea time 10:00A.M. - 5:00P.M. Spend your time relaxing while having traditional Japanese beverages and sweets.

Cocktail time 5:00P.M. - 7:00P.M. Enjoy your sake, shochu and other alcoholic drinks and snacks before dinner.

Nightcap 7:00P.M. - 10:00P.M. Relax for a moment before your sleep.

快乐赛车※ Customers of junior high school age and younger are not allowed after 5:00P.M. ※ Entrance ticket can be used by the holder and up to 2 accompanying guests. 【Prices】 Breakfast - \ 4,000, Tea time - \ 3,000, Cocktail time - \ 5,000 ※ Please refrain from taking out food and drinks from the lounge.

Tayuta Spa

This is a private spa only for guests staying at TAKANAWA HANAKOHRO. Here you can spend a relaxing time while receiving a careful and thorough treatment to rebalance your mind and body, a procedure that can be said to be a compilation of good old Japanese traditions of beauty and care.

Opening hours 12:00NOON - 9:00P.M.

Reception hours 10:00A.M. - 10:00P.M.(reception ends 10:00P.M.)

Full body oil treatment (60 minutes) / 60 minutes \17,820

Foot scrub (tea scrub) (10 minutes)Full body oil treatment (80 minutes) or facial treatment (80 minutes) / 90 minutes \24,300

Full body oil treatment (100 minutes) or Full body oil treatment (70 minutes) + mini facial treatment (30 minutes) / 100 minutes \27,000

Dry massage + Full body oil treatment (120 minutes) or Full body oil treatment (60 minutes) + facial treatment (with mask) (60 minutes) / 120 minutes \32,400

* We provide tea and sweets after all treatments. * Service charge and consumpt ion tax are included in the price. * Please reserv e during the previous day.

LE TRIANON French Restaurant[1F/Western cuisine]
Enjoy your meal cooked with seasonal ingredients while looking out into the lushy green garden.LUNCH エ5,000〜/DINNER エ9,800〜
No smoking /Private rooms available

WAKATAKE Tempura Restaurant[1F/Japanese cuisine]
Pursuit of sound and flavor.Taste the ingredients of the four seasons and a mouthful of bliss.LUNCH エ2,100〜/DINNER エ4,500〜
No smoking /Private rooms available

KATSURA Steak House[Inside the Japanese garden/Teppanyaki・Steak]
Enjoy the Teppanyaki prepared by skilled chefs, with recommended ingredients of the season such as Kobe beef and seafood.LUNCH エ7,500〜/DINNER エ15,500〜
No smoking /Private rooms available

KOMYO Lounge[1F/Cafe・Lounge・Bar]
Take a step back and relax with Japanese desserts and wine, while enjoying the view of the Japanese garden.LUNCH エ2,000〜/DINNER エ2,000〜
快乐赛车 No smokingle

Connaisseur Cigar Shop & Bar[B1/Cafe・Lounge・Bar]
Spend quality time with a cigar and Cuban-style mojitos made to recreate the authentic taste of Cuba.DINNER エ820〜/Private rooms available

EAN Charyo[Inside the Japanese garden/ Japanese cuisine]
Kaiseki cuisine that brings out the delicious seasonal food of the ocean and mountains will be prepared. LUNCH エ19,000〜/DINNER エ22,000〜
快乐赛车 No smoking /Private rooms available restaurant is by reservation-only.

Japanese garden

Takanawa's Japanese garden, which covers about 20,000㎡, was created by the late Mr. Teiji Kusuoka, who also had worked on the Imperial Palace. In the garden, there are 16 kinds of flowers, which gave names the rooms at Takanawa Hanakouro, as well as about 230 cherry trees, a pond with carps, the "Sakura" bridge, which crosses the stream, a temple dedicated to the goddess Kannon and a bell tower amongst other things of interest. Please enjoy a stroll through the rich nature of the garden and rest your mind and soul while reading our guests’pamphlet, which will be handed to you after arrival.


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